10 Exceptional Health Benefits of Pole Dancing

Benefits of Pole Dancing

When people hear about fitness and the health benefits of different forms of workouts, they hardly think about pole dancing as a feasible option. Much like some popular Latino dances like tango, which started out in a shady back alleys of poor neighbourhoods only to later gain popularity across the globe, pole dancing has very quickly become a very popular form of exercise and even a competitive event.

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Not only is it a great way to wrap up your inner sexiness, but it also has many health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you want to know more about the benefits of great way of exercising, and how it can improve the quality of your life, just read on this article.

1. Quick calories burning Machine

Pole Dancing Fitness

Most people in the modern world could stand to lose about 20 pounds of fat, so any form of exercise is welcome here. However, pole dancing stir the muscles in the entire body and you are always moving – making it a great isometric and cardiovascular exercise wrapped into one. You can burn as many calories in a 40-minute session as you would doing aerobics and calisthenics, and this will surely lead to significant weight loss over several months.

2. It improves your self-confidence

Pole Dance Benefits

Once you get the basics down and build up your muscles a bit, you will quickly begin to flourish some serious skills and a body that makes heads turn. Being confident is not just about your state of mind – you will actually start to walk smart, tall and improve your posture. Your skills on the pole will turn into real life and you will be able to move with the nimbleness and graciousness of a cat.

3. Easy stress Buster

The greatest benefit of pole dancing is actually relevant to your psychological and emotional health.

When you are stressed, adrenaline starts slowly building up in your body, making you more anxious, easily annoyed and depressed. An intensified pole dancing session will help you blow out all that adrenaline and cause your body to start producing endorphins, the hormone associated with the feelings of euphoria. You will feel calmer and happier after a good workout.

4. It motivates you to work out more

pole dancing exercise

If a workout feels like a duty and you don’t really see any serious progress or you don’t actually pick up any skills that are applicable in real life, then you will keep on losing motivation. Pole dancing develops a strong body, builds stamina and makes you feel sexy & energetic. As your skills improve you will be motivated to work harder and it is incredibly simple to work on your moves at home – all you need is a pole and some free space to start work out.

5. You become more Agile

People generally forget the importance of joint mobility and flexibility. As you become springier you will have fewer problems like back pain, a stiff neck and a muscle soreness. You can also minimize the risk of sprains and will be able to move more freely.

6. Best for your bones and joints

Joint pain is a serious and steady issue for many people and women in particular have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Developing strong bones and combinable tissue, along with increasing joint mobility, helps very much decrease the risk of osteoporosis in women. Since here you are not putting huge stress on your joints, as you do if you were running or skipping rope, pole dancing is a very maintained form of exercise. Due to the fact that you are regularly strengthening the muscles in your hands by gripping the pole, some common repetitive strain injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome can also be avoided.

7. Good for your heart and blood flow

Pole dancing is as super for your heart as any form of moderate-to-intense aerobic training, and since all our muscles are being engaged at some point, daily exercise promotes blood flow. This is specifically important for women who live a sluggish lifestyle and spend hours sitting in a chair.

8. It develops greater balance and kinesthetic awareness

Kinesthetic awareness is your brain’s ability to calculate where your body is located in three-dimensional space in relation to other objects around you. Once you will start performing more complex routines, your kinesthetic awareness increases. It means less chance of injuries due to bumping into stuff. It, Combined with good balance, increased kinesthetic awareness permits you to avoid nasty common accidents like slipping, falling, and knocking things up and having them fall on your feet etc.

9. Helps to have an easier time during pregnancy and at childbirth

One of the lesser known benefits of pole dancing is that this form of training is beneficial later on in life when you decide to have a child. Pole dancing evolves exceptionally strong back and abdominal muscles, which helps lessen back pain during pregnancy and actually helps you have a smoother and less painful childbirth.

10. It makes you fall asleep much easier

Relaxing is just as important for a healthy body as working out and eating the right food. Unfortunately if we observe, not many people get enough sleep and most of the time it’s because they just can’t go to sleep very often. Regular workouts that rest the body, combined with the stretching you do as part of your pole dancing training, ensure that you get a good night’s sleep every time you hit the grass.

The benefits of pole dancing aren’t only limited to developing a strong body. It help you improve your mental and emotional health, protect from injuries and increase mobility, as well as give your social and love life a boost by making you more confident and agile. You should definitely give it a try once in your life to these magical benefits.

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