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The Fastest Land Vehicle in the World – Thrust SSC

Thrust Super Sonic Car

Did you hear about Thrust SSC? If not then you should learn about this supersonic car, Thrust SSC. It’s a supersonic vehicle designed by Jeremy Bliss, Ron Ayers, Glynne Bowsher and was first time driven by Richard Noble and Andy Green (Royal Air Force fighter pilot). It holds the ‘World’s Fastest land speed Record” after breaking the “Sound Barrier. Read More

Incredible Shots of People Who Are Not Afraid of Heights

Fearless People at heights 1

These are amazing people who tell us how to get rid of your fear of heights!!! These Daredevils have climbed the heights beyond your imagination, and above all they clicked pictures showing us the world’s most amazingly incredible skylines.

Combined Fearless Selfie

Doing Yoga on top of Building
Edge of Mountain

Fearless Selfie

Incredible shot

Perfect Selfie

Selfie at Mountain

Selfie from Top of Building

Selfie on Statue

Selfie Without Ropes

Selfie without Safety
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The Remedy – Hangover cures from around the world


When you are travelling around the world and having a few drinks with your hosts is a nifty way to bring a sense of the local civilization. But excessive alcohol ingestion can have physiological ill-effects. Don’t worry—a hangover is universal, and your new companions probably already know a direction to make do with it. Read More