15 Mood Improving Rules to Follow When You Feel Depressed

Ways to Deal with Depression

There are days in one’s life when you feel low or even sad at times. For over an year, I was the one who was dealing with something like this. Every second, every day of my life was like that, I felt heavy and pointless.

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Since that time, I have made tremendous progress by practicing different things, I have tried to bring more self-awareness to my life. But there are still those days when those old feelings get over me.

There are days when I am not totally self-aware, I don’t always love myself and there are times when I agonize over everything I don’t have or haven’t accomplished.

I prefer to call these days “Zombie Days” and then I just shut down and desperately try to find ways to distract myself from the feelings I have in my mind.

I think that we all go through Zombie Days sometime or the other. I also think that it is possible to not be always happy, but there are always ways which can lighten our mood.

Everyone has their own ways of dealing with pain, if you are looking for suggestions then I guess these pointers may help you out:

1.  Step back, Self-Reflect:  Whenever I start to feel depressed, I would prefer to stop, reflect and get to the base of my feelings.

2.  Talk to Someone: Like before I used you bottle up my feelings because of fear that people would judge me. But with time I have learnt that reaching out to your loved ones would help you, someone caring for you is the best feeling.

3.  Music: Music has some unmatched power in it, it can heal and put you in a totally better mood. When you listen to music you would automatically feel better, it will make you feel less alone.

4. Play with pets: I personally have two dogs who are really sweet and whenever I feel low, I play with them. Spending some quality time with a loving pet would instantly make you feel better.

5. Go for a walk: Walking helps me clear my mind. It’s especially therapeutic if you choose a good location to walk, walking near a lake or in a park is generally preferred by many. It would clear all the negative thoughts off your mind.

6. Drink something: When you drink something healthy and reinvigorating for some reason its acts as a stress buster. Orange juice puts me in a better mood and makes me feel revitalized and placid. There are also many health and mood benefits of drinking juice.

7. Write: If you like to write, write, it keeps stress of your mind. Writing is mainly the first thing I do when I feel low. It helps me get my down side.

8.  Nap: Sometimes we just need to rest and recharge our body. I always prefer to take some rest and feel better later on.

9. Plan something fun: Moping around your living room would never make you feel better, instead you should plan something fun to do. It can be something as simple as creating my own board game or something as big as travelling a vacation.

10. Do something spontaneous: Some of my favorite memories come from my spontaneous planned moments. We should all get out of our routine every now and then and do something exciting and amazing.

11.  Hug someone: I am truly a hugger. Hugs are an easy way to express your love and care, above all you don’t have to utter a word, hugs are also one of the best medicines to heal your mood.

12. Laugh: It is rightly said, laughter is the best medicine. Go for a funny movie or spend some time with someone who makes you laugh. Laughing just for a few minutes releases tension and has the ability to heal.

13. Write yourself a letter: Sometimes I try to separate myself from my ego, give myself a pep talk whenever necessary. According to Cicero, “Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” Composing a letter to yourself seems like one of my best cures

14. Deep breathing exercise: If you Google then you will find many breathing exercises, that you can do whenever you feel stressed.

15. Bake: Baking has always been entertaining for me and many of my friends, I suggest you should also try it. Plus, you can eat whatever you bake.

dealing with depression alone

I hope you like reading few suggestions which I share here today, if you have any such suggestion do share it with us and our followers. We would be really obliged.

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