18 Hilarious Facebook Posts That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone!!

These days, Facebook proves to be a great medium and platform for doing & uploading anything. Note, anything here refers to just anything in fact!

There also prevails a section of dumb asses/ mentally retarded people who have truly become a serious headache to their friends, all thanks to their absurd, foolish and ridiculous uploads. This article has all those funniest facebook posts by self confessed “Smart” Indians.

#1 Indian Spiderman

hilarious facebook status

#2 With Husband? OMG! Really?

rakshabandan with huby


hilarious facebook

#4 Hi! Handsome

comedy posts for facebook

#5 Middle Aged! Waah

middle ages indian woman

#6 MeetJack

stupid fb posts


witty facebook status update


hilarious stuff to post on

#9 Rock With Cock 😛

rock out with cock out

#10 Everyone Passed Away 😀

Everyone Passed away

#11 Too much excitement

too much excitement

#12 Really??

earthquake selfie


obama giving medal


hilarious photoshop fail on jet

#15 Devdas



finally got gf

#17 Save Lion’s son 😛 😀

save lions


#18 Threesome With Family? 

threesome with family

#19 Got Engaged With 21 People?
got engaged

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