The Things That You Would Not Like To Know About The Foods You Love To Eat

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There are numerous food facts that are available on the Internet, but there are only ten out of the hundreds that are well known industry secrets, these facts are known by man but in a limited quantity. You must have seen the food labels saying, ‘pure’, ‘fresh’, ‘non-artificial’, etc. let me tell you one thing, most of these are false when these products are investigated. Above all, the ingredients used in the production of food items are kept hidden unless and until they are exposed and brought in front of public.

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1. The Manufacturing of Greek Yogurt: greek yogurtAround every three or four ounces of milk used companies can produce only one ounce if Greek yogurt. The rest becomes whey acid, which is thin and runny waste can cannot be jumped as it is. That would not only be illegal but also harm the environment. It would also reduce the oxygen content from the streams and rivers.

2.  All Grocery Retail Orange Juice:

tropicana orange juice ingredientsThe orange juice which we get at grocery stores and says that it is made from concentrate, in reality it is not, it is made from artificial flavor. It doesn’t matter it’s what time of the year, companies are producing orange juice each and every day all thanks to its artificial flavor. A lot of different mixes are added to a concentrate to increase its shelf life. As the flavor is technically derived from orange (though it is artificially manufactured), it does not make it mandatory to list the ingredients.

3.  Vegetarian Burgers:

Vegetarian burgersThese veg burgers are made from more toxins that a normal beef patty. Almost all the veg burgers are not made of vegetables instead they are made of soy protein isolate (aka soy meal). These are mainly used in animal food. For burgers it is sweetened and with the help of some spices it is made to taste good. Soy oil is obtained from soybeans, leaving dry meal which is then ground into flour. The Cornucopia Institute, had the samples of soy oil and soy meal on which they conducted some experiments and found that soy meal exceeded the hexane limit in food of 10 parts per million. A huge question which arises here is that, why at first place we have hexane limit in our food?

4.  Conventional Milk Is Made By High Heating:

Conventional milk


Pasteurizing milk is extracted from genetically modified cows who are injected with hormones. In old times farmers could tell from the taste of their cow’s milk that where have they grazed, but the time has changed now. The milk that we buy from supermarkets these days is uniformly white and its cream would not rise when heated. Cows from which this milk is extracted are not kept in open field, they are kept in a large herd where they are fed genetically modified grass. According to a study, around two-third of the herds in California region have genetically treated cows. Do you think it’s the same milk you used to get a few years ago?

5.  Producers Of Maraschino Cherries: Maraschino CherriesAre made by chemically bleaching cherries and then further by marinating them in corn syrup and food color so they look really red. Normal cherries are not that red, to increase the shelf life of cherries different typed of chemicals are added so that they can be stored with all that red cherry color. At this stage they don’t contain any nutritional value, instead what we think are cherries, are just a fruit covered in corn syrup and food color.

6.  Canned Soups Are Flavored With MSG:

Canned Soup

Canned soups always contain added flavor and MSG even when it’s said that they do not contain. The food with “MSG” act as slow poison which is hidden by number of names like natural favoring & yeast extract. These days it’s not mandatory to show “MSG” content on the labels. Secretly, soup manufactures say that they have added “MSG” as a natural i.e. extracted from vegetable protein and yeast, so they list it as ‘yeast extract‘.

7.  Ice Creams Are Thickened With Toxic Ingredients:

ice cream ingredients

The ingredients include variety of emulsifiers which keeps the ice cream from destabilizing after it’s totally produced. The list includes around polysorbate-80, potassium-sorbate, sodium-benzoate, carrageenan, xanthan-gum, guar-gum & soy-lecithin. If your ice cream melts quickly it’s a really good sign as it’s a sigh oh low toxic emulsifiers and stabilizers.

8.  Imported Olive Oils Are Actually Made With Cheaper Oil Seeds And Nuts:

extra virgin olive oil

To gain high profits, some oil producers have been caught adulterating the oil which is labelled as “extra virgin”, it was found that they were made from cheaper quality of hazelnut, soy or even sunflower oil. If you are really interested in reading more about it, read the report by Tom Mueller on olive oil fraud, which eventually is the Extra Virginity which we know today.

9.  Food Products That Are Red and Pink:

red food colouring

There products are often dyed, and you wont believe what are they dyed with, its tiny crushed insect bodies. Cochineal extract appears as carminic acid so it is widely used.

10.  Shredded Cheese:

Shredded Cheese

Wood pulp is used in packing of shredded cheese so that it does not stick to its packing. Cellulose which is made of decomposed plant fibers (that includes wood) is a common additive to make ice cream more creamer or to make salad dressing thicker without added any calorie content. Because it’s natural, so the labels read them as organic. Great, we are eating saw dust from many years!

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