7 Most Effective Drinks To Burn Fat

fat burning drinks

The whole world, today, is obsessed with overweight. Men, women, girls, boys- everybody. It has become an immensely important topic of research for nutritionists all around the world. And to keep up our agility, here are 7 drinks that help burn our body fat:

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1. Green Tea:

green tea fat burner

It is the number one diet and agility drink. Green tea has been known for year to possess purifying qualities. Green tea helps bring freshness in the body by taking out all the dirt and fats. It also helps against cancer. 3-5 cups daily for one week causes your body to lose about 40% of fat.

2. Jillian Michael Drink: Famous all over USA and Europe, this drink is very effective in removing excess of water from body affecting the weight in a positive way. It is simple to prepare. Just mix 60 ounces(1.7 Kg) of distilled water, 1 table spoon of sugar, 1 table spoon of cranberry juice, 1 pack of Dandelion root tea and 2 table spoon lemon juice and drink 60 ounces(1.7 Kg) of the mixture during one week.

3. Cold Water: As unbelievable as it might sound, cold water alone can make you loose fat. When you drink cold water, you body will burn calories to equalize the body temperature. Simple, right?

4. Vegetables Juice:

Vegetables Juice

You might not be a big fan of vegetables but a glass of vegetable juice before dinner can help you burn up to 135 body calories (according to Pennsylvania State University).

5. Skimmed Milk: The calcium in the milk promotes the body’s ability to burn fats and also moderates the diet system. So much for thinking milk was against weight loss.

6. Boiled Ginger, Green tea, Cumin and Mint: This recipe has been brought all the way from Arab. Mix 1 table spoon of each of green tea, mint, cumin and ginger in a big cup of water. Boil it for 10 minutes. Drink half an hour before every meal for 15 days.

7. Pineapple and Kiwi Juice: As un-tuned as it might sound, just commit yourself to this drink for 15 days and you will notice the difference. You can lose upto 10 kgs with regular exercises. Take 3-5 pineapple slices with 2 pieces of kiwi without sugar. Replace lunch with this juice and say good bye to your fats.

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