Can Anyone Dress Like Kim And Kanye? These Girls Really Can!

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are known for a lot of things. Fashion is most certainly one of them. How often have we dreamt of dressing up exactly like our favorite celebrities. Well, two women named Katie Burroughs and Kathleen Lee, from San Francisco, thought Kim and Kanye’s dressing sense was so ridiculous, they decided to mock it on Instagram. The girls started an account called, “What Would Yeezus Wear.”(the name Yeezus taken from Kanye West’s hip hop album of the same name.)

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kim kardashian and kanye westkim kardashian kanye

Photos that the girl’s post on tumblr (whatwouldyeezuswear), they dress up exactly like Kim and Kanye, and sometimes as North too, making almost replicas of the original photos. Its pretty incredible how original the photos look. The whole thing started as an incident. The idea came in the most unexpected way. Lee said, “The day I wore the denim shirt, we took a photo side to side. The photo we found of Kanye had Kim in it and Katie was wearing the exact same outfit. We then decided to take the photo together.”

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The girl’s instagram account has more than 38,000 followers already with only 19 posts. Kim Kardashian, herself, has liked one of the photos.

The likeness in the pictures is strange yet interesting. The girls have managed to be careful about minute details like Kim’s bent knee, North’s eyes and Kanye’s cocked brow. They also replicate the background of each photo.

Katie Burroughs and Kathleen Lee kim kardashian dress

The support that girls are receiving from social media is impressive. “It serves the purposes for all. The people, like us, who like them enjoy it. The haters think of this as mockery, and therefore have fun. People are free to think what they want.”, said Lee.

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