Did You Know That A Banana Can Do This?

banana health facts

As much as you might dislike the fruit banana, you are going to be amazed after you read this article. Banana contains sucrose, fructose and glucose (the three basic sugars) in their natural form. A banana is the best energy bar. According to researchers, two bananas a day can alone provide you enough energy for a laborious 90-minute workout. Probably that’s why banana is the most preferred fruit among athletes. Apart from energy, a banana can help us keep fit in numerous ways. It can also help us conquer many illness and conditions.

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banana nutrition facts

DEPRESSION: Because depression is the most occurring of all, a survey by MIND has revealed that eating a banana made many feel better. This is because bananas are rich in a protein, tryptophan, that gets converted to serotonin, and is responsible for relaxing you, making you feel happier.

PMS: Don’t take a pill your body does not need. Eat a banana when you are stressing. The presence of vitamin B6 will regulate the blood glucose levels, affecting your mood.

ANEMIA: Rich in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood helping in cases of anemia.

BLOOD PRESSURE: This tropical fruit is extremely rich in potassium yet low on salt. Therefore, it is a magical pill for the cases of blood pressure. The banana industries, with the permission of the US Food and Drug Administration, can now make official claims for its ability to lower blood pressure risks and strokes.

BRAIN POWER: The potassium rich fruit, single handedly, can assist in learning by making the pupils more alert. It helped almost 200 students in England to learn efficiently by improving their brain power when they ate bananas three times a day.

CONSTIPATION: Not paying attention to what we eat, most of us often suffer from bad stomach. High in fiber, bananas should be included in the diet. They will help restore normal bowel action, helping to overcome constipation without taking any medicines.

HANGOVERS: Well, who doesn’t love parties? But parties always hurt in the mornings. Forget aspirins. A banana milkshake sweetened with a little bit of honey will cure your hangover quickly. The banana with the help of honey calms your stomach, builds up used up blood levels. The milk will re hydrate your body.

banana for hangover

MORNING SICKNESS: Very close to hangovers, morning sickness is not pretty at all. If you snack with bananas in between your meals, you can manage to keep your blood levels up and avoid morning sickness.

HEARTBURN: Bananas act as natural antacids in the body, helping in heartburn.

MOSQUITOS BITES: Don’t let your skin smell like insect bite creams. Instead of using insect bite creams, try to rub the inside skin of a banana on the affected area to reduce swelling and irritation.

NERVES: Everything we do in our day affects our brain. Therefore, the first priority should be to keep our brain calm. This is again where banana comes to the rescue. Bananas are rich in B vitamins that help us carve our nerve system. It might just also help you with obesity that is caused because of high-pressure jobs. Switching to carbohydrate rich food every two hours helps.

ULCERS: The smooth and soft texture of the fruit makes it the best dietary food for intestinal disorders. It also counteracts acidity and by coating the stomach lining, it reduces irritation.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL: As surprising as it may sound, many cultures in the world see bananas as a ‘cooling’ fruit that helps control the emotional and physical temperatures. It works best on expectant mothers.

When compared to an apple, banana has almost four times more protein, twice the carbohydrates and five times vitamin A. It is also rich in potassium and phosphorus. So, maybe bananas are ready to take the place of everyday fruit in your life.

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