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Top 10 Hidden Health Benefits Of Sex

Health Benefits Of Sex

Sex, for any adult feels good and it’s also a lot of fun. Except fun, having regular sex can not only make you feel good but also make you physically healthier. There are many scientific studies which have found that having a loving relation, physical touch and passionate sex can bring many health benefits to you and your partner.

In fact, any exercise that includes your heart is considered good for you, including sex. Here we have 10 interesting benefits of having sex. Read More

The Remedy – Hangover cures from around the world


When you are travelling around the world and having a few drinks with your hosts is a nifty way to bring a sense of the local civilization. But excessive alcohol ingestion can have physiological ill-effects. Don’t worry—a hangover is universal, and your new companions probably already know a direction to make do with it. Read More