5 Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist

When traveling, everyone is worried about loosing their stuff, specially their passport and expensive goods. But do you really have to look like a dork while traveling? I don’t think so, here we have some useful tips which may help you to look like a local while traveling.

1. For God’s Sake, please leave the fanny pack at home

Fanny packs and backpacks when worn on the front of a person’s body are a strong indicator that you are a tourist. Everyone’s best guess at front facing bags would be that one has kept his valuables so that they are always monitored and which is technically correct, but is it really worth it, as you would be looking like a total dork.

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Instead of carrying such big bags I would suggest that you should be pay some special attention and rather than carrying a front facing bag, use a normal backpack and keep an eye of your surroundings. If you make yourself look like an easy target you might be one. Just use some common sense and you would be totally fine.

Disclaimer: There are always times when you need to pay some special precautions and would definitely need one of those dorky packs, mainly in larger cities. Above all research is must while traveling, so please do some overhead research before you start to travel.

2. Just because people can’t understand what you’re saying doesn’t mean that they can’t hear you

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When traveling in a foreign county, you would find yourself surrounded by people that do not share the same language as yours, it is pretty easy that you would get the habit of speaking freely (Check out that man, he is so fair! OMG, she is walking 5 cats”). In honesty, I mostly find myself doing the same, which is not that big of a deal unless you keep it at a subtle volume.

Try Instead: Just pretend that you are surrounded by your own people and people who understand you. We human are well suited to understand non-verbal clues, which can be understood from facial expressions, demeanor and tone. If you don’t prefer to say something at someone’s face back home, you should also not do something while traveling.

3. Dress appropriately for your travel destination

Barry Cargo, Hawaiian shirts and sandals are always appropriate for travel to the beach. Keeping all aside, it is an important factor to dress according to the location you are traveling, you surely don’t want to look like a weirdo. The value of dressing for comfort should be your first priority. You may pack light and a versatile wardrobe that is also well suited for the climate and suitable for all the fun activities you may have planned.

Try Instead: Investing is some clothes that are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and most importantly breathable. Merino wool is a popular choice for people who love to travel but clothes made from these fabrics are considered more expensive than others. If you a regular traveler, investing is such clothes is worth the extra buck you may spent.

4. Pretend like you know what you are doing

Another hallmark of basic tourists is permanent plain look on their face, like, what is that? Where am I? Is this the market? There is a total chance that you would find a tourist snapping a picture aimlessly in the middle of the road. Tourists are also seen busy in the middle of sidewalks, asking directions or consulting their map.

Try this instead: fake it. Honestly I grew up in New York City, and there I truly learned the meaning of faking, just pretend that you know what you are doing. If you walk confidently and just blend in the crowd, you have achieved it. Including this, if you can do a little research about the place you are visiting, that would be an added bonus. Whenever the need arises and you need to ask for directions, just be confident and Act like you belong here and people will treat you like you belong.

5. Speak (a little bit of) the language

There are instance, when someone travels to your city but does not speak your language, have you ever thought, How that person would be feeling? How would he be communicating in a totally new place? Don’t forget that if you are a non-English speaker, you may belong to a minority. You need not be fluent, but just make little bit of effort to learn the language of the place where you are traveling.

Try this: In this tech savvy world, you can have the world in your hand. Everyone carries their phones with them all the time and if you are a frequent traveler you should download Duolingo. It’s a free app for both Android and iOS that helps to learn different languages. It’s really fun and easy. While learning you may face some situations when you may not be able to memorize what you are trying to learn, at that time just tell it that and the app would make sure that you know it. By making such a small effort you can make your stay more comfortable.

While traveling abroad, try to remember these simple steps and you would just do fine. Be as polite and respectful as you can. Please try that you not are overly loud in place were you should not be. In short, just behave as you would back home, have fun, enjoy without disturbing anyone’s normal life.

If you are solo women travel then you must have to read these tips.

If you ever come across any such situation, do share with us.

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